For Arty Cooper, the unthinkable has happened. He has lost his only son in the Iraq War. While he grieves and tries to heal,
a refugee Iraqi family moves in next door, dredging up his anger and prejudice. He reacts by shunning them and begins
to build a fence around his property, blocking them out... and his emotions in.

The Fence, a story of tragic grief at the loss of a son…
Leads to new hope when a child is found.

When you order your Donation Copy of The Fence today, you help support our warfighters
and their families. Dreyfus Films will donate a portion of the $20 cost
to our friends at WIMSA, TAPS, Give2theTroops and others.

Help us help them. It’s the reason we made the movie!
Remember… “Some gave all; all gave some”

Your DVD(s) will arrive in approximately 3 weeks and will include the film itself, interviews with Gold Star family members and veterans of the Iraq War
who shared their stories with us and “The Making of The Fence” slideshow. Discounts are offered when you order multiple copies...
and yes, they would make powerful gifts.

Starring: Jimmy Driscoll, Michelle Pawlina, J.Paul Nicholas, Anja Lee, Lou Martini Jr., Jon Wenc & Amanda Caress
also: Diana Egan, Greg Nutcher, Dean Festa, Antonio Gooding, Jerry Valley, Bob Ross, Burt Grinstead, Rafael Miguel

Written by Jimmy Driscoll . Directed by Jim Canty and Jimmy Driscoll . Music by Ian Hatton . Director of
Photography Mel Griffith . Edited by Peter Bradley. Special effects by Mark Allen K
Executive Producers: Jimmy Driscoll, Rich Lepoutre, Jim Amann & Bob Ross

Winner - Best Regional Short
SENE film Festival!

  As seen at Arlington National Cemetary on Memorial Day Weekend 2012